Colloquium Ltd


Providing Telephones, Systems,
Web Development, Internet Connectivity

As a direct service provider, we provide our customers with cost effective solutions to their business needs that draw on over 12 years of direct experience. In an industry that often seems saturated with buzz words and jargon, we take pride in talking to our customers in a language they understand. Our approach is simple, we talk to you, we establish your current and future business needs and then we recommend a solution to fit those needs.

Colloquium are uniquely able to provide integrated solutions where the business need involves more than one technology, the advantage for you is that you only have to coordinate things with one supplier.


As a fully licensed Public Telephone Operator we can offer everything from an 0845 number to a multi-site telephone system. VoIP technology allows you to start small, but keep the same numbers and functionality as your business grows or your needs change. We ensure that you can keep the same numbers wherever you are. See Telephones


We all work together and we need our systems to work together as well. Make your IT systems work for you and get something back from your IT spend. Find out how we can help you. See Applications


From simple brochure websites to fully interactive Web 2.0 sites we should be able to meet your needs. Integration with legacy systems and mobile devices is a speciality. See Web


12 year's experience as an ISP means that whatever you are trying to connect together we will be able to help you. We manage modems, ISDN, ADSL, leased lines, VPNs, and even wireless networks. See Internet