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Colloquium Ltd.
101 Abercorn Street

Registration No: SC142248

Contact Information

Sales0845 433 0000
Customer Support0845 433 3333
Customer Accounts0141 411 4150
Customer Admin0141 411 4141
Fax0141 411 4111 
Purchasing0870 433 8899 
Recruitment0870 433 8866 

Contact Policy

We understand that you and other businesses, other than our customers, may want to contact us for a number of different reasons and so, in the interests of speed and efficiency, we prefer to receive all enquiries either by e-mail or post. If you contact us by e-mail, we can easily pass your information on to the right person, who will take the time to look at your mail and consider your enquiry fully.

As a matter of company policy Colloquium does not use recruitment agents and will not respond to related enquiries.

Unsolicited information requests and offers to us are usually directed to email. Please direct your email as below:

Key Decision makers

For technical enquiries, equipment and operational matters
contact BA McMillan contact

For marketing, sales, web design and commercial enquiries
contact CD Ford contact